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MagSafe® Ring Adapter included! 🧲

I spent extra money making sure I had a MagSafe® compatible case then I find out that I actually could have just used my original case with the ring adapter provided which is so handy it really allows me to attach a removable/adjustable LoveHandle PRO to just about anything.

I can't live without my LoveHandle PRO MagSafe® adapter, being able to remove my LoveHandle is such a blessing especially so I can still use my wireless charging devices without taking off my case. I also like the added ability to be able to adjust the adapter 180° degrees (or more) for a more comfortable horizontal viewing experience.

10/10 hard to live without once you've gotten to experience what LoveHandle has to offer ❤️

Lynneth W.
Groovy Glow!

I chose this as a replacement for my first MagSafe Lovehandle that broke when I dropped my phone. The pink glow of the strap is cool! When I open the stand it doesn’t click into the furthest open position as firmly as my original, but still functions the same. I probably use the stand more than the strap. Love that it’s MagSafe! Great customer service, LoveHandle! Y’all rock!

Thicc but nice!

This is awesome, I love that I now have the option to take off my LoveHandle for things like fitting my phone in a small bag, wireless charging, etc. My only complaint is that when my LoveHandle is on my phone, now it's even thicker than just the LoveHandle itself was before lol. It also takes up a LOT more space on my case!

Amanda G.
Mag Safe

I received my mag safe just in time to use on a trip. I easily attached my sparkle pro strap. It is so convenient to use and I've received many comments on it.

Beverly B.
love it

love it

Samantha K.
Is an awesome product .

Is an awesome product .

Patricia C.
The Best

Love everything to do with Lovehandle! I’ve ordered different styles and love this style for how versatile it is

Hailey W.
Perfect phone addition

My phone almost autocorrected to addiction and that would have been accurate too these are awesome

Becky M.
MagSafe adapter

I love it! It has a strong magnet! Definitely recommend!

Mariah H.
Love it

I love that I can use it with different cases and easily take it off for wireless charging