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I have been using this it first came out. It did crack and I notified LoveHandle and they replaced it with a new one. I have had the new one for a while now and I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY just Iike the previous one. It’s such a great product. My only issue is that now it won’t stand on its own anymore. It literally just falls over. I’ll have to purchase a new replacement.

Easy to apply to my OtterBox case, cute, and hopefully prevents me from dropping my phone as much when I'm trying to carry a wiggly toddler and my phone!

PRO- Indigo

I love this product. The magnet is very strong!

I love it, way better than a pop socket


Such a cute grip, I love the pink! The background is truly quite maroon irl though, and the sprinkles look a bit screen printed. It's still sooo cute, but a little different than I expected.

Thicc but nice!

This is awesome, I love that I now have the option to take off my LoveHandle for things like fitting my phone in a small bag, wireless charging, etc. My only complaint is that when my LoveHandle is on my phone, now it's even thicker than just the LoveHandle itself was before lol. It also takes up a LOT more space on my case!

It's good!

Super easy to attach and stays on really well. I didn't use the cardboard because it seemed like it'd take extra work, instead I put the ring onto the MagSafe LoveHandle attachment and pressed it onto where on my case I wanted it. My only complaint about this product is that it doesn't have the line the true MagSafe has, so it's hard to get that straight application when you attach the MagSafe LoveHandle Adapter. Other than that, love that I was given this option by LoveHandle!

it works

I have a Galaxy S24 Ultra, which has a stylus. This simple product allows me to use both my stylus and a LoveHandle grip (two of my fav phone things tbh). My issue is how massive this thing is. I was able to pop it in the back of my phone case, but it takes up basically all of the space. I hate putting stuff in my case, I feel like it makes the case less effective if I drop my phone. It doesn't seem to be making my case bulge or anything, but I kinda hate that this is my only option to keep using both a LoveHandle and my stylus :( Happy it's a thing and works though.

It easily snaps securely to my magsafe case and is very strong!!!

Exactly as expected. Nice.

Does exactly what I need and love that it glows!

Another Awesome strap from LoveHandle! It's so cute. I love switching them out with the others that I own for whatever the reason. They are really nice and durable. I wish they would offer more special occasions and personalized straps (hint!hint!) Overall, I love all the products from LoveHandle and would definitely recommend this strap and all the other stuff that they offer! Grab some awesome for yourself!!

Love my LoveHandle products. I have several straps, two bases, the magnet car base and the pro wallet. They are great! So convenient and durable. Very secure hold with the magnets and as a stand. I'd recommend the LoveHandle products for anyone.

Love my new pro wallet. It holds my cards and I don't have to worry about loosing them or having to carry a purse every where. I just grab my phone and I'm all set! It's very secure and even with my phone case being larger than some the magnet still holds it very secure and stable to the holder. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't always want to carry a purse but needs their phone and cards.

Better Than the Old Grip I Use

I bought this as a birthday present for someone else. With the limited time I had with this product, I can already tell that it is a higher quality product compared to the similar product I have on my phone. Maybe I’ll get one for myself.

Let’s give some love.

This kit was so handy when switching and removing my love handle accessories in my car. The string was the most convenient part and it helped the mount pop right off!

Just okay. Not overly impressed.

LoveHandle has become my favorite phone grip to the point where my other MagSafe phone grips have now been forgotten


Absolutely love this. its the best car accessory also!!!


My phone magnetizes to EVERYTHING! Cooking? stick it to the stove/refrigerator so you can see your recipe. Laundry? stick it to the dryer while you fold clothes. 3 kids to get out of the house? slide it on your pinky and you are HANDSFREE - gamechanger for moms.

Do yourself a favor and get the LoveHandle pro!

PRO Mount

Absolutely terrible. Made out of very cheap material. The size I ordered was not the size I got. Way too small. Wish I could give -5 stars

The fact that I can

The fact that I can sit my phone down like a picture frame and it will stand up!


This product is not only beautiful but it’s also functional; not only easy to carry, you can stand up, or stick it to metal and take a few selfies!!!!

Love it I can use to with so many different case n be able to see the design of the case