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Kelsey S.

Second time buying this since we had to switch cars, I love them!

Leah B.
LoveHandle mount

LOVE this mount so much!!! It has made driving with my phone so much easier. I used to be a loopy girl but I have officially switched over!

Dee-dee M.
Perfect Mount!

I've been through several magnetic mounts. This is BY FAR superior to any other I've used. I absolutely love it.

Teresa R.
Wonderful product. Space saving and

Wonderful product. Space saving and sturdy.

Does not Even last as long as my wiper blades

I wish I could give this five stars because I love the product but it loses stability after 8 months. I assumed the first one was a fluke because Lovehandle very generously replaced mine when I emailed them about it. But the replacement also started sagging and spinning after 8 months on the dot.

Courtney K.
You need this!

I love this thing! I can flip it any direction and does not take up much space. I bought two more for my husbands work vehicle and truck.

Tiffany B.

Super easy to attach and it holds onto my LoveHandle for dear life :joy: I love knowing that my phone isn't going to fall off while I'm driving.

Lauren H.
Amazing product!

Love this product. My phone mounts to it easily. I can access it and turn it to any angle I need. And I have the MagSafe love handle pro so I can remove it anytime and put it on another case to easily attach to the mount. I love that you don’t attach it to your vents. My last mount did and it broke my vent.

Nicole B.

It is so perfect literally the handle and the mount are a match made in heaven hands free maps while driving and easy calls while driving also are so perfect with both of them. I went and got another for my other car can’t imagine driving without it now. Def buy 10/10 would recommend

Cherie C.

The mount is fabulous. I have a display in my car which is quite large and makes it hard to have a phone on my dash. The mount is slim so I am actually able to put it on the display without blocking the screen. The swivel lets me put my phone up regardless of whether I’m driving my car or sitting as passenger. Either way, I can tilt the mount to be able to see my phone from either vantage point.