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The Timeless Staple That Defined Us
Welcome back to simplicity with the LoveHandle Original, the patented product that launched our brand and revolutionized mobile handling. Embrace the minimalist design that has served hands across the globe, providing a grip that's trustworthy and unassuming.Why You'll Love the Original:
  • Strong 3M Adhesive: Apply it once and trust it forever. Trusted by users worldwide, the Original keeps your phone secure with elegance and ease.
  • Effortless Compatibility: Designed to complement any device without altering its aesthetics, the Original integrates smoothly into your life, proving the best solutions are often the simplest.
  • Feel the Nostalgia: Holding the Original is like shaking hands with an old friend—familiar, comfortable, and always reassuring.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Patented and made in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability, backed by our commitment to your complete satisfaction.
  1. Using the enclosed cleaning wipes, wipe the back of your device or case is free of dust, dirt, and oils to ensure the surface of your device or case is prepped. Let dry completely before starting Step 2.
  2. Remove the protective film from the 3M VHB adhesive on the back of the LoveHandle and carefully place the LoveHandle in you desired position.
  3. You do have some time using very little force to adjust placement, if necessary.
  4. Press down firmly on the LoveHandle for 15 seconds. Give the strap a quick, gentle tug to be certain that the LoveHandle is firmly attached.
  5. Be gentle for the first 24 hours after installation to ensure the bond reaches its maximum strength.

Click here for a video tutorial.

The LoveHandle Original is compatible with all devices. The original is 2.5" inches long, and .9" inches wide at its widest point and has a depth of 0.16" inches. The elastic is just over half an inch wide. For the best adhesion use the original on a smooth, flat surface. For any compatibility questions contact us at help@lovehandle.com.

$10.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 622 reviews
Thin and works well

I love the cheery sunflowers. It works very well and is comfortable to hold. I also love that it's thin enough to fit in the phone holder in my car. I like this much better than the other one I tried.

Olivia D.


Randall B.
The fact that I can

The fact that I can sit my phone down like a picture frame and it will stand up!

Randall B.

This product is not only beautiful but it’s also functional; not only easy to carry, you can stand up, or stick it to metal and take a few selfies!!!!

Ellen E.
new case, new love handle!

Love my new love handle. This my 3rd one.
I've had the last one for over two years. I am confident of not dropping my phone. I like the way it doesn't stick out and fits in my car holder.

Excellent product, try it you'll like it


Josh S.
love lovehandle

always great, always lasts a while regardless of the type of case it’s on, and I love this color! will continue to support them

Alyssa G.
Love these

Love these

Meghan B.
I adore these

This is my second one I've bought and I cannot rave enough about how I love this! It's so simple and easy to use. Best part, it's so slim, it doesn't get caught in my pocket!

Joanna B.
So good

This is my, I'd say, 5th love handle! I love them!!!I I wear em out!!! Easy to switch out too.

Nidia T.
Great selection, super cute.

Great selection, super cute.

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