Silver Glitter Bundle

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Your Phone's New Partner in Crime
Dive into the world of no-slip, all-grip with the LoveHandle PRO Bundle, the ultimate accessory for stylish, hands-free convenience.
Why You'll Love This Bundle:
  • PRO: Think of this as a superhero cape for your phone. It comes with a kickstand and magnets strong enough to cling to your fridge, car, or any secret lair.
  • PRO Magnetic Mount: Your phone’s new best friend, perfect for hands-free use while driving, cooking, or multitasking.
  • Swappable Silicone Strap: Soft, comfortable, and chic. Swap it out on a whim to keep your style fresh.
  • Convenience at Every Angle: Prop up your phone to binge-watch or video chat—finally, a stand that understands your needs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Feel confident knowing you’ve made a wise, hands-off investment!
$69.98 USD $55.00 USD


Customer Reviews

Based on 522 reviews
Nicole B.

I love my Pro White Strap. It’s plain, simple, and goes with whatever I’m wearing. ❤️

Mindy K.

This is a game changer for me! As someone with less mobility since my stroke this has helped me SO much

Randi D.
Love it

I can’t live without my love handle pro anymore. The glo from this strip makes it easy to find at night or in my purse.

Lynn R.

Absolutely LOVE these LOVEHANDLES!!! I have ordered 3 in the last month and can’t imagine not having one on my phone! I will definitely be ordering more for each of my many phone cases!

Candy B.
Absolutely love my Lovehandle!

I do not know how I managed to hold on to my phone before my lovehandle. Also, being able to use the magnet to place anywhere metal is an added bonus! Thank you for making such a great product!!

Jessica R.
The one Lovehandle I actually love!

I love the Lovehandle pro. I was so lost for the week I was without one. The lime green looks great on my neon blue case!

Favorite Strap ❤️

I hope they make more elastic straps as they remain my favorite due to multiple reasons, but most especially just provides more room to quickly insert your fingers into the LoveHandle while with the silicone ones it will usually grab too much and my fingers get stuck more often.

Elastic is 10/10 although I did have to email support asking how to remove the strap as the knob that allows you to remove the strap is hidden but they just told me to pull the elastic fabric back to reveal the knob when uninstalling 👍


Tiffany H.

Love it!

Katherine G.
Cute and Functional but Missing Some of the Original Version's Benefits

A good product: cute designs to choose from, well made, really useful kickstand (portrait or landscape). Compared to the original design with the softer fabric strap, though, the silicone strap is too tight and doesn't stretch enough. It pinches my fingers and makes it impossible to hold it with just a finger or two. That makes it difficult to change hand position which leads to some pain. I would love this PRO design if the strap were a little more stretchy. Conclusion: Good but not Great

Alison H.
My new go to

Absolutely LOVE my LoveHandles! This was my second purchase. And customer service is A++
HIGHLY recommend!

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