PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic
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PRO - Silver Glitter Elastic

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Details & Specs

LoveHandle PRO is the universal thin low-profile phone grip suitable for any model phone
  • equipped with a 1" silicone strap that never stretches out and is easy to keep clean
  • a kickstand that works in horizontal + vertical orientation
  • two neodymium magnets making it easier to mount your phone on most metal surfaces
  • strong 3M VHB adhesive
  • 3.4" x 1.25" x 0.19"

Magsafe Info

While the LoveHandle® PRO is not MagSafe compatible alone, you can easily combine it with our MagSafe® Adapter to turn any LoveHandle® PRO into the perfect MagSafe accessory for your device.

It will allow you to enjoy the same LoveHandle PRO benefits you've come to know and love such as: a comfortable grip, instant kickstand, magnetic mounting to metal surfaces, and using the LoveHandle PRO Mount, with the added convenience of removability for wireless charging access.


  1. Using the enclosed cleaning wipes, wipe the back of your device or case is free of dust, dirt, and oils to ensure the surface of your device or case is prepped. Let dry completely before starting Step 2.
  2. Remove the protective film from the 3M VHB adhesive on the back of the LoveHandle and carefully place the LoveHandle in you desired postion.
  3. You do have some time using very little force to adjust placement, if necessary.
  4. Press down firmly on the LoveHandle for 15 seconds. Give the strap a quick, gentle tug to be certain that the LoveHandle is firmly attached.
  5. Be gentle for the first 24 hours after installation to ensure the bond reaches its maximum strength.


 Cases that are hard and flat will make for the best surface for your LoveHandle to ensure the best bond. Any case that is too textured or has ridges could hinder or completely negate the bond of the 3M VHB adhesive.

While cases made of silicone, soft plastic, and glass do not work with the 3M VHB adhesive, we do include an adapter sticker to apply to your case before attaching the LoveHandle. If you did not receive an adapter or need a new one, please reach out to to request one for no charge.

Using the LoveHandle® PRO:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Handy but magnetic ability isn't there

I wanted to love it, I really wanted something that could do it all. The lovehandle is great in everything except the magnets. It shows that you can hang it on a car door in the ads. You most certainly can't. Let alone you can't even place it on the mount you may already have that held it before in my car. Since the magnets are far too small with little to no capabilities

Life changing!

I've been using a pop-socket for a long time and it was just really killing my hand, this was recommended and I took the leap of faith! SO. GLAD. My hand pain is gone, I can slip it over my fingers and chase after my toddlers, stick it to the car while I'm putting them in their car seats, prop it up while reading recipes, it's been so wonderful and I'm so sad I've been struggling for so many years without it!

Esperanza M.
Love that it's interchangeable. Super

Love that it's interchangeable. Super cute style! Magnet is sturdy as well. I'm also happy it doesn't tip over when using the kick stand like pop sockets. Definitely will be getting more.

Erika M.
Highly recommend

Love these! They are the best thing ever by being multifunctional and great designs.

Hilary S.

I had tried several different handles on my phone case prior to stumbling across the LoveHandle Pro. I love the functionality, the stand, the simplicity. I also like that you can order just the strap to easily swap out looks.

Christine B.
I LOVE my LoveHandle. I

I LOVE my LoveHandle. I am giving them as Christmas gifts again this year. Everyone I gave them to you last year LOVES them. Best product I’ve ever bought.
Thank you

Kayla S.
Absolutely love it!

Absolutely love it!

Candace A.
Excellent product

The band keeps its elasticity and the magnets are pretty strong. It is low profile. My only complaint is that it isn't great with wireless charging, but that isn't a problem for me.

Alexandra H.

I love this product. It is try to its description. I am amazed by the strength of the magnet and ease of installing.

Brenda B.
Love it!

I love the LoveHandle Pro, however I cannot change my strap and am wondering what the trick is! It would also be nice to buy different “bases” as I have a few cases for my phone but I can always buy the whole thing! I like the thicker width of the straps quite a bit. I also love and use the kickstand feature both verticals and horizontal.

I’d have one in every color if I could!

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