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Sharing The Love With Houston Food Bank


Family owned and operated, LoveHandle has always been known for its mission and well known slogan “Share the Love”. Historically, making monetary donations to charities of interest though their , LoveHandle has always had a hand in sharing the love in tangible and meaningful ways. Recently the LoveHandle team rolled up their sleeves to aid in the fight against food insecurity by volunteering with the Houston Food Bank. 
The LoveHandle Team, along with family and friends volunteer at the Houston Food Bank.

The Houston Food Bank has operated in Houston, TX for 41 years and throughout that time has served nearly 1 million individuals. As a member of Feeding America, the Houston Food Bank along with community partners works to provide programs and services aimed at achieving nutrition education, health management, and more. Partnering with organizations that actively work toward sharing the love remains at the center of the LoveHandle brand and team. 
On Saturday, October 7, The LoveHandle team along with family and friends worked together alongside HFB volunteers and staff packing boxes of nonperishable foods for families in need. Collectively they contributed to 23 pallets, 1,035 boxes, 31,153 pounds of food, and 25,961 meals.

They sorted through and packed a variety of food items, including canned goods, rice, beans, pasta, and juice.  


“It was a rewarding experience to be able to give back to our community and help those in need. We were also impressed by the dedication and hard work of the Houston Food Bank staff. They are truly making a difference in the lives of so many people.”
Valerie Kirk, Administrative Director
LoveHandle is committed to sharing the love with our community. At the core of the infamous “Share The Love” motto, LoveHandle advocates for everyone to have access to healthy food and other essential resources. LoveHandle strives to support a variety of local charities and nonprofits, including the Houston Food Bank. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against hunger. #Sharethelove

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