Embracing Our Planet with Purpose: LoveHandle’s Commitment This Earth Day

Embracing Our Planet with Purpose: LoveHandle’s Commitment This Earth Day


This Earth Day, LoveHandle is excited to launch a series of initiatives that underscore our commitment to giving back to the community and supporting environmental causes. Our "Love on Purpose" mission goes beyond traditional celebrations by introducing special designs whose sales will benefit essential conservation efforts.


In recognition of Earth Day, we have launched three new designs representing our commitment to supporting environmental initiatives. A portion of every sale from these designs this April are dedicated to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, aiding in their conservation efforts to maintain and protect Texas’s natural beauty.


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is instrumental in preserving the natural landscapes and biodiversity of Texas. They manage wildlife populations, maintain state parks, and run educational programs that teach the importance of conservation. Your contributions by way of purchasing these select styles helps fund these vital activities, ensuring that Texas’s natural resources are cared for and enjoyed by future generations.


On Saturday, April 20, the LoveHandle team, along with family and friends, came together at Surfside Beach for a significant cleanup event. With many team members being avid surfers and beachgoers, including our Founder & CEO Mike Watts, this initiative was a heartfelt tribute to Mother Nature in honor of Earth Day.


"I’m grateful for the huge attendance at the beach cleanup event. It shows how much our team cares about making a difference in the world we share with our neighbors. It’s no accident that everyone made it to the beach cleanup because we LOVE on purpose."
 - Mike Watts

Through our outreach initiative Love On Purpose, LoveHandle is committed to participating in and facilitating events and campaigns that make a positive impact on our community and environment.



Beyond raising funds for wildlife conservation, we've strengthened our team spirit through a shared commitment to environmental stewardship. As we look forward, LoveHandle is dedicated to increasing our involvement in charitable activities and supporting causes that have a lasting positive impact on our planet. We invite everyone to support our Earth Day designs and help extend this impact even further.



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