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Glass Phone & Silicone Case Adhesive Adapter - LoveHandle PRO

Q: Will LoveHandle XL attach directly to my iPhone 8/8+ , iPhone X, iPhone 11 , other glass back phone or silicone case ?

A: Yes, with the adapter.

Q: Will I need an adapter for using LoveHandle XL with a tablet ?

A: No, tablets do not have the glass back or anti-stick silicone coating. How ever is your tablet's case is silicone you will need the adapter.

Because of Apple's new anti-fingerprint glass surface, aftermarket grips, including the LoveHandle, will not attach directly to the phone and require a case.  

For those daring customers who want to use the new all-glass iPhone without a case we have an adapter adhesive sticker to apply to phone prior to LoveHandle application. 

The iPhone 8/X adapter can be ordered here free of charge.

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