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Design Club - Sarah Bryson - Sushi Sunday

LoveHandle Design Club was born out of our LOVE for arts and has been manifested into an ongoing collaboration with the art & design community to highlight amazing designers through their creation of custom LoveHandle collections. A portion of proceeds from each collection go directly to support the creating artist.

Support each artist by shopping and sharing their limited-edition LoveHandle collection.

Sarah Jean Bryson is a British born artist and illustrator living in sunny California. She is best known for her bright loose watercolor pieces.  She also loves playing with a variety of different mediums, color palettes, and techniques.  Ask her what her ‘artistic style’ is and she’s proud to admit it’s “a little bit of everything.”  Whether she’s creating loose florals, travel sketches, tiny landscapes, or abstract paint drops, the one true consistency is her goal to be creative every single day. 

Sarah is a teacher on Skillshare as well as the creator of the popular Instagram account @Its_Art_Oclock where she documents her personal art journey.  Whether it’s a five minute doodle or a five hour commission, Sarah is a strong believer that doing something creative every day not only improves artistic abilities, but also overall mood and well-being. She encourages everyone to try, as she does, to make time to create art on a daily basis. 

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