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Design Club - Rebecca Elfast - Fragrant Florets

LoveHandle Design Club was born out of our LOVE for arts and has been manifested into an ongoing collaboration with the art & design community to highlight amazing designers through their creation of custom LoveHandle collections. A portion of proceeds from each collection go directly to support the creating artist.

Support each artist by shopping and sharing their limited-edition LoveHandle collection.


is a freelance illustrator/surface pattern designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. 

She has a degree in architecture, but started her freelance business right after graduation in 2008. She works with a dynamic mix of handmade and digital techniques, to make artwork that is well crafted, fun and colorful. Ink and watercolor are her favorite media and the layered, transparent principles of those techniques are often visible in her digital work as well. 

When she’s not toddler-juggling, cooking delicious foods or trying to catch up on some beauty sleep, you can be sure to find her with a pen, stylus or paintbrush in her hand (any of them, as she is ambidextrous!). She finds inspiration everywhere, the biggest challenge is to actually keep up with all the ideas sneaking up on her. Which is why she never leaves home without her trusty sketchbook. 

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