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Design Club - Maria Vashchuk - Zebra Field

LoveHandle Design Club was born out of our LOVE for arts and has been manifested into an ongoing collaboration with the art & design community to highlight amazing designers through their creation of custom LoveHandle collections. A portion of proceeds from each collection go directly to support the creating artist.

Support each artist by shopping and sharing their limited-edition LoveHandle collection.

The Tiny Garden Design Studio run by designer Maria Vashchuk. Maria’s studio is situated in beautiful Haarlem, the Netherlands, and is surrounded by a garden.

On most days, you can find Maria doodling in her atelier or enjoying a cup of tea in her tiny urban garden, listening to the songs of birds, and observing the life and relocation of the local cats' community.

Almost every Saturday you can find Maria walking around the light halls of a museum in Amsterdam or in a small gallery scrutinizing the works of art looking for inspiration. She enjoys exploring European cities during long weekend trips, visiting flea markets and bookshops, enjoying local food, and having a cup of coffee on Central Square.

All of these inspire Maria to create colorful simple, charming and elegant patterns that warm hearts and make you feel at home wherever you are.


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