PRO  - Bubblegum Pink Glow
PRO  - Bubblegum Pink Glow
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PRO - Bubblegum Pink Glow

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Details & Specs

LoveHandle PRO is the universal thin low-profile phone grip suitable for any model phone
  • equipped with a 1" silicone strap that never stretches out and is easy to keep clean
  • a kickstand that works in horizontal + vertical orientation
  • two neodymium magnets making it easier to mount your phone on most metal surfaces
  • strong 3M VHB adhesive
  • 3.4" x 1.25" x 0.19"

Magsafe Info

While the LoveHandle® PRO is not MagSafe compatible alone, you can easily combine it with our MagSafe® Adapter to turn any LoveHandle® PRO into the perfect MagSafe accessory for your device.

It will allow you to enjoy the same LoveHandle PRO benefits you've come to know and love such as: a comfortable grip, instant kickstand, magnetic mounting to metal surfaces, and using the LoveHandle PRO Mount, with the added convenience of removability for wireless charging access.


  1. Using the enclosed cleaning wipes, wipe the back of your device or case is free of dust, dirt, and oils to ensure the surface of your device or case is prepped. Let dry completely before starting Step 2.
  2. Remove the protective film from the 3M VHB adhesive on the back of the LoveHandle and carefully place the LoveHandle in you desired postion.
  3. You do have some time using very little force to adjust placement, if necessary.
  4. Press down firmly on the LoveHandle for 15 seconds. Give the strap a quick, gentle tug to be certain that the LoveHandle is firmly attached.
  5. Be gentle for the first 24 hours after installation to ensure the bond reaches its maximum strength.


 Cases that are hard and flat will make for the best surface for your LoveHandle to ensure the best bond. Any case that is too textured or has ridges could hinder or completely negate the bond of the 3M VHB adhesive.

While cases made of silicone, soft plastic, and glass do not work with the 3M VHB adhesive, we do include an adapter sticker to apply to your case before attaching the LoveHandle. If you did not receive an adapter or need a new one, please reach out to to request one for no charge.

Using the LoveHandle® PRO:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 407 reviews
Jessica P.
Customer service saved the rating!

I really like my LoveHandle! The strap fits really snug around my fingers but not tight. It's comfy. My favorite thing about the LoveHandle...the magnets! I got a magnetic phone mount for my car, and I've noticed all of my daily tasks have had a slight change that allows me to use the magnets as much as possible. I rarely use the kickstand. Even so, when I went to use it and it wouldnt hold my phone up I was upset. More so when I realized that it was actually broken. My review was going to have less star power BUT I emailed customer service. I told them I no longer had the packaging bc I'd had it for a few days and thought I loved it so wouldnt need things for a return but it's broken and asked them if they would do anything to make it right. They replied within an hour or two asking to confirm my address so they could get me a new one asap. They also asked if I'd take a photo so they could see what needed to be done better. Customer Service at LoveHandle is so good that you should buy a LoveHandle just so you can deal with their customer service :)

Christine S.

Love it, so easy to hold onto my phone and it has a stand.

Michele M.
Best thing ever!

This little handle changes everything. It’s so easy to hold w one hand, take pics, text! Game changer!

Carlie Y.
I'd buy it again

The strap is a little tighter than I expected but I still love it. The magnetic, stand, and handle to hold the phone you just can't beat. However, I am not 100% sold on the car mount. I really liked it the first two days but by the third day. The weight of the phone causes the mount to not hold a set position. It does adhere well to the car interior but the ball joint setup just doesn't hold the phone in a specific position that benefits during driving.

Carla P.
Great accesorie!

I was exceptional about this but I ended up loving it and ordering more!!
Super useful as stand and the fact you can stick it around with the magnet is (for me) super useful!
This is my fave product around!

I like it!

Customer service was great,
the pro grip is so nice. I like it!


Such a cute grip, I love the pink! The background is truly quite maroon irl though, and the sprinkles look a bit screen printed. It's still sooo cute, but a little different than I expected.

Caleb N.
Better Than the Old Grip I Use

I bought this as a birthday present for someone else. With the limited time I had with this product, I can already tell that it is a higher quality product compared to the similar product I have on my phone. Maybe I’ll get one for myself.

Nicole G.

Absolutely love this. its the best car accessory also!!!

Audree H.
Love it

Perfect for my new Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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