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Is Lumpy Mail Good For Your Marketing?

Is Lumpy Mail Good For Your Marketing?


Direct Mail Marketing used to be a dying strategy.

But today, more and more marketing companies are revisiting an old friend in the race to reach new customers.

And one of the tactics more focused on in the world of direct mail marketing is the use of 'lumpy mail'.


What is Lumpy Mail?

For those who haven't heard the term, lumpy mail is a piece of direct mail that has a three-dimensional product in it, making it 'lumpy' when held by hand.

It can be anything from foam balls, to dice, to LoveHandles (you get the idea).

Anything unexpected to grab the recipient's attention.

Including a compelling sales letter with your lumpy product can greatly increase your results.


Does Lumpy Mail Really Work?

There was a Real Estate Agent in California that used lumpy mail superbly.

She ordered little toy versions of traditional 'For Sale' signs that realtors place in the front yards of their listings. The toy 'for sale' sign came complete with a little 'SOLD' banner across the front of it.

She then sent these little signs in the mail to prospective sellers. Included with the sign was a letter telling the home owner: "Your front yard will look like this very soon after hiring me!"

Her response rate was sensational!

In just her first round of marketing, she sent about 40 'little sold signs' to home owners...and earned 3 listings from them!


What's the ROI of Lumpy Mail?

The consensus is that lumpy mail gets opened 100% of the time...and response rates of over 10% is certainly possible. For help determining your return on your marketing investment, this Marketing ROI Calculator may help.


How Much More Does Lumpy Mail Cost vs. Traditional Mail?

In many cases, the additional cost is influenced by the item that causes the lump and the extra postage to cover its weight. 

It's ideal the keep the lumpy item light weight, but resist the urge to go cheap. The best lumpy marketing items are ones that:

1) Are useful to everyone.

2) Are fun and entertaining.

3) Can be branded.

If acquisition of such promotional items cost a bit more, they are usually worth the expense!


What Are the Best Lumpy Mail Products?

Boy, are we super glad you asked! 🙂

LoveHandle Phone Grips are a wonderful marketing tool that should be in every marketer's tool kit. 

  • You can brand them with your company name or logo.
  • People LOVE them!
  • They are very light, keeping 'lumpy mail' costs low.
  • You can get them as low as $1.99 each!

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