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New Chinese Tariffs Have 'Zero Effect' on LoveHandle Phone Grips

New Chinese Tariffs Have 'Zero Effect' on LoveHandle Phone Grips

Buying products Made in America has always had a patriotic 'feelgood-ness' associated to it. However, buying American made products usually meant higher costs.

Not anymore, or so it appears.

The Chinese Tariff increase imposed by The Trump Administration on May 10th, 2019 has had an effect on a great number of products made in China.

The new policy threatens to disrupt not only smartphone shipments, but phone accessories as well.

But there is good news!

DMD Products, manufacturers of the LoveHandle Phone Grips will not be effected at all by new, or future, tariffs on Chinese goods. 

This is because the LoveHandle Phone Grip is Made in America.

"We love that our product is made in our factory in Texas", said Mike Watts, CEO of DMD Products, who manufactures the LoveHandle.

Watts added, "There are many benefits to making The LoveHandle in house, and avoiding extra tariffs on Chinese products in only one of them."

What Watts is referring to is the fact that companies use LoveHandles as promotional items for marketing purposes. Companies all over the U.S. buy large orders of LoveHandles with custom branding on them with the intent of using them to build business.

"I would hate having to hike prices on these businesses using LoveHandle Phone Grips for promotional purposes...happily, we don't have to!"

Watts added, "The new tariffs will zero effects on LoveHandle."