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Diva Richards to LoveHandle: "You Just Changed My Life"

LoveHandle caught up with fitness influencer Diva Richards at The Arnold Show last month to give her custom samples of their revolutionary phone grips.

Her reaction was...

Well...see for yourself!

@divarichardsfit (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) is a Strength Training Coach turned Public Speaker and Entrepreneur.

And like many Instagram personalities, she is constantly using her iPhone.

LoveHandle CEO Mike Watts made his way to Richards' booth at the Arnold Show to deliver custom LoveHandles printed with Richards' Fitness Brand 'No Excuses'.

After a short demonstration, Richards' saw just how easy the LoveHandle is to use.

Richards responded, "No F---ing Way!" 

"I want these for my gym!", she added.

LoveHandle has but one mission: The be the 'next BIG thing' in your marketing materials.

Businesses can order LoveHandles with their custom branding for less than $3 / unit.

Can these phone grips really impact your business?

Richards' says it all: "You just changed my life!"

We hope it's for the better! :-)