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4 Reasons Why LoveHandles are The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift

4 Reasons Why LoveHandles are The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift
I know what you’re thinking: “Of COURSE the LoveHandle website says LoveHandles make the perfect gift.” But hear us out! There are some very solid, compelling reasons why these handy handles make amazing stocking stuffers.

First, consider what makes a gift great. It has to be personalized to the person receiving the gift, and it has to demonstrate you (the giver) put some thought into it. The gift should also be useful and well made. LoveHandles check all those boxes AND they’re affordable to boot. Let’s break it down, just to be sure.

LoveHandles Let You Get Personal
With dozens of designs to choose from, LoveHandles make it easy to personalize your gift. Do the person love animals? Give them something from the Petting Zoo Collection. And you can never go wrong with a holiday-themed design! Or, better yet, design one of your very own. Nothing says “I took the time to give you something special” than a personalized design from yours truly.

LoveHandles Are As Practical As Socks, But Less Lame
Let’s be honest, everyone drops their phone. Even that one guy who goes out of his way to tell you how careful HE is with his phone. Yeah, that guy’s dropped it. But with LoveHandle, your giftee can perform all kinds of gravity-defying phone gymnastics without the fear of dropping it. One fingered selfies… the “flip around my hand so I can carry all these grocery bags in one trip” maneuver. It’s all possible with LoveHandle.

Sleeker Than Other “Pop-Out” Type Phone Grips
We know there are other players in the phone grip game. But think about how you use your phone. What seems more practical in your daily life: a pop out stand for watching videos, or a strap that allows you to take effortless selfies and flip your phone around to carry in your hands? And with our 360 mount, you can enjoy hands-free viewing anywhere (even more places than those pop-out stands).

LoveHandles Won’t Break the Bank
LoveHandles are fun, personalized gifts that are practical and durable… all for around $10. I mean, that’s pretty outstanding when you think about it. You can’t even dine out for less than $10 anymore. That price point is especially perfect for office parties and white elephant gift exchanges (which usually have a $10-$20 price limit). PLUS, LoveHandles protect your much bigger investment: your phone or tablet.

So that’s it. Science has spoken. The math checks out. LoveHandles make the perfect stocking stuffer gift. Or Hanukkah gift. Or office gift. Or gift for that guy you just met like a couple of weeks ago and don’t REALLY want to spend a lot of money on yet. LoveHandle’s got you fam.